# Understanding Open Proxies in the Wild ## Abstract Proxies have long existed on the Internet, but remain poorly understood. This paper conducts an extensive measurement study of open proxies to characterize how extensively these systems are used, what they are used for, and who uses them. To this end we scanned the Internet to track proxy prevalence, and monitored public statistics interfaces to gain insight into the machines hosting open proxies. We estimate that 220 TB of traffic flows through open proxies each day, making them one of the largest overlay networks in existence. We believe that a better understanding of the workload experienced by open proxies will prove valuable in the design of future open access systems. ## Visualizations + [Country-wise distribution of open proxy servers](servers.html) + [Country-wise distribution of clients of open proxy servers](clients.html) ## Papers + [Understanding Open Proxies in the Wild](paper.pdf) *Will Scott, Ravi Bhoraskar, Arvind Krishnamurthy*, WWW 2015 (submitted) ## People + [Will Scott](https://wills.co.tt) + [Ravi Bhoraskar](http://netlab.cs.washington.edu/person/ravi-bhoraskar) + [Raymond Cheng](http://netlab.cs.washington.edu/person/raymond-cheng) + [Arvind Krishnamurthy](http://netlab.cs.washington.edu/person/arvind-krishnamurthy)