The UW Systems and Networks seminar invites key researchers from academia and industry to cover a range of topics spanning networking, operating systems, distributed systems, mobile and wireless systems.

Our seminars are held on Wednesdays at 1:30pm in CSE305 unless specified otherwise.

When possible we will provide a video recording and slides of the talks.


Date Speaker Title Slides Video
17 Oct Deepak Bansal
Container networking – challenges, landscape (CNI/CNCF, Istio etc) and Microsoft’s solution for container networking
24 Oct Sambhrama Mundkur
Accelerated Networking in Azure
31 Oct Malte Schwarzkopf
Noria: dynamic, partially-stateful data-flow for high-performance
web applications
7 Nov Weidong Cui
Microsoft Research
Gates Commons – 691
Triaging and Debugging Failures in Deployed Software by Reverse Execution
14 Nov Dan Berger
Carnegie Mellon
RobinHood: Tail Latency-Aware Caching in Large Web Services
28 Nov Dave Maltz
Microsoft Research
5 Dec Jitu Padhye
Microsoft Research


Date Speaker Title Slides Video
17 Jan Pengyu Zhang
Enabling low-power communication for IoT devices Slides Video
07 Feb Andrew Baumann
Microsoft Research
Komodo: Using verification to disentangle secure-enclave hardware from software Slides Video
14 Feb Anirudh Sivaraman
Designing fast and programmable routers Slides Video
21 Feb Chuanxiong Guo
RDMA in data centers: from cloud computing to machine learning Slides Video
28 Feb Chuanxiong Guo
Toward highly-available cloud systems Slides
07 Mar Amar Phanishayee
Microsoft Research
Project Fiddle: Fast and Efficient Infrastructure for Distributed Deep Learning Slides
28 Mar Lili Qiu
UT Austin
Motion tracking and its application
04 Apr Jon Howell
Slicer: Auto-Sharding for Datacenter Applications Slides
11 Apr Vijay Chidambaram
UT Austin
PebblesDB: Building Key-Value Stores using Fragmented Log-Structured Merge Trees
12 Apr Mothy Roscoe
ETH Zürich
Enzian: Research Computer
12 Apr Ihsan Ayyub Qazi
Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS)
Understanding Internet Access in the Developing World
13 Apr Keith Winstein

Tiny functions for codecs, compilation, and (maybe) soon everything
9 May Tom Bergan, Michael Buettner, Ben Greenstein
Delivering a performant mobile web to the next billion users
16 May Luis Irun-Briz
The Distance to Flaws Slides
23 May Simon Peter
UT Austin
Cross Media File Storage with Strata
30 May Nirupam Roy
Internet of Acoustic Things (IoAT): Challenges, Opportunities, and Threats
13 June Marco Canini
Taming the Cloud Tail Latency Monster
14 June Riku Jäntti
Aalto University
Quantum Backscatter Communications